Take what's in me.

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UGW: 175


CW: 195


  • For the “why in the world I didn’t date her in high school?”
  • For turning heads when you pass by a crowd.
  • For dropping jaws of those who haven’t seen you in a while
  • To be known as the “No excuses.” type of girl.
  • For the bubble rounded butt.
  • For healthy clear skin.
  • For better overall health.

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  • Carbs do not make you fat.
  • Nothing in moderation makes a difference to how your body looks.
  • It’s ok to treat yourself!
  • Your body can handle extra calories relatively frequently.
  • Water has no calories.
  • Sugar is not the devil.
  • Pasta is not the devil.
  • No food in the world is the devil because food is essential to everything in the world ever.

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Including the little voice in your head. 

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instead of banning girls from wearing certain things how about u just ban boys from being thirsty little hoes

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